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Growtech SSK-1294 - Bypass Floral Shears Okatsune OS-201 Pruning Shears Okatsune OS-206 Bonsai Shears
Growtech SSK-1294 - Bypass Floral ShearsOkatsune OS-201 Pruning ShearsOkatsune OS-206 Bonsai Shears

Stainless steel blade is curved to aid in grabbing stems, stalk end crusher is better for water absorption. PVC handles. 6" Overall length

Large handled pruning shears, great for big hands.

Okatsune Bonsai Shears




Okatsune OS-207 Pine Needle Shears Okatsune OS-301 Fruit Shears Okatsune OS-304 Bud Shears
Okatsune OS-207 Pine Needle ShearsOkatsune OS-301 Fruit ShearsOkatsune OS-304 Bud Shears

Pine Needle Shears

Curved blades with rounded tips allows quick and easy harvesting of fruits. The very sharp curved blade also makes these an ideal choice for de-budding.

Pointed tip thinning shears




Okatsune OS-306 Onion Shears
Okatsune OS-306 Onion Shears

Round tip thinning shears