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Bahco P114-SL-60 Lopper Bahco P14-50 Lopper Bahco P14-60 Lopper
Bahco P114-SL-60 LopperBahco P14-50 LopperBahco P14-60 Lopper

24 inch California style, vine orchard and shrub lopper. (replaces 14-60.)

20 inch California style, vine orchard and shrub lopper. Replaceable parts.

24 inch California style, vine orchard and shrub lopper. Replaceable parts.




Bahco P16-60-F Lopper Bahco P19-80-F Lopper Bahco P280-SL-80 Lopper
Bahco P16-60-F LopperBahco P19-80-F LopperBahco P280-SL-80 Lopper

24 inch Bypass, oval steel tube handles.

32 inch Landscape, park, forestry, aluminum handles. Strongest Bahco with 2 inch cut capacity.

32 inch super light, heavy duty lopper. (replace 180-70.)




Bond 3344 Bypass Lopper Bond 3378 Mini Bypass Lopper Bond 5826 Bypass Lopper
Bond 3344 Bypass LopperBond 3378 Mini Bypass LopperBond 5826 Bypass Lopper

28 inch Bypass Lopper, 1.75 inch cutting capacity, lightweight steel handles, blades are alloy steel with a non-stick coating, gel grip inserts give a more comfortable and stable grip. Also has bumpers.

15 inch Mini bypass lopper, 1.5 inch cutting capacity, great for smaller hands and close jobs, made with high carbon steel, blade is heat-treated to retain sharp edge longer.

24 inch Bypass lopper, 1.75 inch cutting capacity, handles are lightweight oval steel, blades are heat-treated, has flat tube dip grip.




Corona  AL 8442 - Heavy-Duty StrataShear Lopper Corona RL 3560– Bypass Ratchet Lopper Felco Aluminum Loppers - 17 inch
Corona AL 8442 - Heavy-Duty StrataShear LopperCorona RL 3560– Bypass Ratchet LopperFelco Aluminum Loppers - 17 inch

Replaceable Radial Arc bypass blade is made of fully heat treated forged steel. Has self-cleaning deep sap groove, lightweight elliptical aluminum handles, Alcryn bumpers. 26” OAL, 2.25” cut capacity.

1.5 inch Cutting capacity, 26 inch overall length, power-multiplying ratchet action, lightweight but strong aluminum handles.

Handles are lightweight aluminum, with shock absorbers and adjustment system. All parts are replaceable.