Hand Pruners

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Okatsune OS-104 Bypass Pruner ARS HP-140DX ARS HP-300L
Okatsune OS-104 Bypass PrunerARS HP-140DXARS HP-300L

The Okatsune 104 bypass pruners are particularly suitable for the large hand with their length of 8.25". The blades of this razor-sharp pruner are forged from the finest Japanese steel, and enable you to effortlessly cut through branches up to...

Multipurpose Shears

Needle nose pruner for general harvesting and pruning, blade is hard chrome tool steel with soft PVC and steel core handle. 7 inches overall length.




Corona BP 3160 Corona BP 3225 Corona BP 6170
Corona BP 3160Corona BP 3225Corona BP 6170

General purpose pruner, forged steel alloy construction, has sap groove, non-slip grips, 3/4 inch cutting capacity.

Lightweight makes for easier cutting. Comfortable steel oval handles, 14 inch overall length, 3/4 inch cutting capacity.

Forged bypass pruner with thumb lock, wire-cutting notch, forged steel alloy construction, 3/4 inch cutting capacity.




Corona BP 6250
Corona BP 6250

Forged bypass pruner, shock absorbing bumper, lightweight forged aluminum, 1 inch cutting capacity.