ARS HS-KR1000 – Superlight Hedge Shears
This new design from ARS merges their popular HS-K1000, HS-K1000L, and HS-K1100 hedge shears all into one superior unit! Specifically designed for professional manicuring and sculpting of shrubs and topiaries, these hedge shears are razor sharp, super light, and built for continued use. The high carbon tool steel, Marquench hardened blades stay sharp cut after cut. The pivot cap has been replaced with a screw retainer to maintain accuracy and requires less readjustment. The blade screws are larger and more secure - four times the torque of their predecessors! The shock absorbers are larger to take more of the force translating less to your arms. Like all ARS shears, the super sharp blades cut through material like a pair of scissors leaving a clean, professional finish. The shears are super-lightweight (just over a pound) and have a smooth operation with a larger shock absorbers for comfortable continued use. Blades are replaceable. Features: High carbon steel blades are Marquench hardened to hold their edge cut after cut Hard chrome plated blades for rust and sap resistance Stronger blade screws securely hold blades (4 times the torque) Blades are replaceable and can be re-sharpened Larger shock absorbers take more of the force away from your arms Super lightweight, strong, and ergonomic handles for continued use NOTE: The replacement blades for the HS-KR1000 are not compatible with the older HS-K1000 and HS-K1100 models
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ARS HS-KR1000 – Superlight Hedge Shears

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